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What we do
E-com Growth is a full-service customer acquisition, retention and loyalty ecommerce agency that empowers sophisticated and experienced brand owners to scale their businesses through our proven marketing systems, customer journey design, and retention strategies, resulting in a 30% increase in customer LTV within 60 days and the ability to outspend competitors on acquisition.
customer loyalty
Customer Loyalty by design, we craft customer journeys that reward, surprise and bring back customers for more, time and time again. Increasing the brands profits and amplifying brand equity and in turn awareness through WOM.
customer retention
We aim to increase customer lifetime value by 30-40% within 60 days and up to 100% within a year through targeted email marketing flows and campaigns. We create peak sales moments and cut through the noise with SMS marketing campaigns.
customer acquisition
We ensure a consistent and efficient flow of new customers into your business at scale by generating demand with paid social ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok, and by capturing demand with paid search ads on Google Search, Shopping, and Display.
Making everything you hated about other agencies into things you’ll love with ours.
Not Another Agency… We Flipped the Agency Model on It’s head.
We’re built different.
Case studies:
How we took Silverback all the way to the top of their niche: achieving first-order profitability, cultivating a loyal fan base, and Generating over £1.5M in revenue + more.
Exploding HMN24 sales & subscriptions Tripling total orders, increasing first-time customers while reducing CAC by 40% and hitting 5x revenue from subscriptions.
Brand X transformed from near-bankruptcy to consistent profit growth. Identifying key issues, optimizing operations, and realigning marketing strategies saved the day.
does this sound familiar?
"The team has, on the surface, the same proposition that so many agencies have, and so many of us have been burnt by.

I entered this with huge trepidation, with lots of the right things being said, a team that knows what to say and when the ‘technical’ talk and the numbers All sounded, as usual, too good to be true.

Gut feeling soon change..."
Phil Learney - Co-Founder of HMN24
114 Royal Arch, Wharfside Street, The Mailbox, Birmingham B1 1RG
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