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Case studies:
How we took Silverback all the way to the top of their niche: achieving first-order profitability, cultivating a loyal fan base, and Generating over £1.5M in revenue + more.
Exploding HMN24 sales & subscriptions Tripling total orders, increasing first-time customers while reducing CAC by 40% and hitting 5x revenue from subscriptions.
Brand X transformed from near-bankruptcy to consistent profit growth. Identifying key issues, optimizing operations, and realigning marketing strategies saved the day.
Phil Learney - Co-founder of HMN24:
"The team has, on the surface, the same proposition that so many agencies have, and so many of us have been burnt by.
I entered this with huge trepidation, with lots of the right things being said, a team that knows what to say and when the ‘technical’ talk and the numbers all sounded, as usual, too good to be true.

Then to be met with a perfectly rational research phase and fee, the thought of how much that will cost if it goes wrong or if it was all just talk?

Gut feelings soon change when you lose large amounts of start-up cash as many of us know all too well.

The team put together what we felt were honest and realistic targets. To some extent quite conservative given the speculative numbers I’d heard from other agencies. Numbers we would be more than happy with but the reason we engaged BBM was the inconsistency in hitting them and the uncertainty that brought to the business.

They met with us as a team and went through the hows, and the whys and answered any questions we had. There was then a meticulous planning process outlined, constructed and slowly put into play. Nothing rushed, everything considered and targets, well, they were hit and at each stage reviewed. What worked, what didn’t, and what might in the future.

All ‘backend’ work is explained and rationalised to keep us well and truly in the picture. A research phase more than well spent and when you move beyond that point it then starts to get exciting!

Highly recommend, great team, great work rate and great delivery."

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