Shopify E-Commerce Case Study:
+940% Profits For 7-Figure Clothing Brand. Google And Facebook Ads.

Key Performance Indicators
00:00 What Are Our Key Metrics?

Part 1: Mistakes From The Former Ad Agency.

#1 Breaking The Paid Acquisition Rule on Facebook, Wasting£18.000.
03:36 Facebook Account Analysis.
03:52 The Paid Acquisition Rule.
04:46 Data To Back Up The Paid Acquisition Rule.
06:00 How To Convert Returning Customers?
06:44 How Do We Prevent This Costly Mistake?

#2 Burning Cash On Hand.
07:48 Their New Customer Cost Per Acquisition.
08:26 Losing Money On Every First-Time Customer.

#3 How Agencies Cover Up Their Tracks.
09:00 Manipulating The Reports.
10:23 How To Analyse Their (True) Performance On Acquisition.

11:46 Summary Of Learnings.

Costly GOOGLE Mistakes From Former Agency

#1 Burning Cash On Hand.
12:24 Losing £17.57 On Every First-Time Customer.

#2 Covering Up Poor Performance.
12:57 Why You (Should) Never Trust A Performance Max Campaign.
13:54 Covering Up Channel-Specific Poor Performance.

#3 Breaking The Paid Acquisition Rule (Again).
14:40 What Happens To A 6-Figure Brand If You Break "The Rule?"
15:16 What Happened After Cutting Google Ad Spend By -79%?

Performance Max Campaigns
17:04 Analysing The Search Terms On A Performance Max Campaign.
17:41 How 91% Of The "Top-Of-Funnel" Revenue Was "Fake."
18:52 What Happened After Our Adjustments?

Bottom-Of-Funnel Campaigns
20:02 How Do We Protect Our Brand on Google, Without Overspending?
21:29 Analysing The Bottom-Of-Funnel Campaign.
22:10 What's The Correct Setup, And How Do You Determine Spend?
23:00 Prospecting On The Bottom-Of-Funnel Campaign?

24:10 Summary Of Insights.

Part 2: The Changes I Made.

25:50 What Changes Did I Make, And What Were The Results?
26:50 A Critical Analysis Of My Own Results.

Part 3: The Release Strategy.
28:50 How Did We Hit The Highest Revenue Weekend Outside Of BFCM?
29:05 Why Did We Change The Release Strategy?
31:29 The Results From Our Hypothesis?

32:12 How To Think About Promotions (Supply And Demand)?

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