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Everything you need to know about ecom collab Club's Bristol event | 11th Jan 2023
yesterday, we attended our second Ecom Collab Club Event in Bristol After having a great time at our first one in London last year. And Much like the London event the Ecom collab team pulled off another FI-Ya event yet again… These guys simply don’t miss…
Wait Who Are “These Guys”?
Well, The ecom collab club is run by the hilarious Adam Pearce and Peter Gardner from Blend Commerce - a multi-award-winning CRO agency. And when we say multi-award winning we mean it, because when they go to any awards they clean up!
What is the E-com Collab Club?
It’s a once-a-month UK event where agencies, tech partners and people of e-commerce meet up to talk about all things E-commerce. It’s very well organised but also laid back, making it the best place to network and meet people freely without the feeling like you're being sold to or you're just another number on their LinkedIn. Everyone is genuinely looking for the best ways to add value to their clients through partnerships. It usually lasts around 3 hours starting with some freestyle networking over coffees, teas and pastries (legend says there also used to be pancakes), followed by talks by industry leading experts ranging from Shopify, Rebuy, Yotpo and more, then finishing with some speed networking allowing attendees to connect with 15-20 new industry relevant contacts! All that in 3 hrs.
The Speakers
The first speaker of the event was Eric Alder, from Rebuy Engine.

Rebuy Engine is a Shopify AI-Powered Platform that helps e-commerce agencies and brand owners personalise the customer shopping experience, leading to higher conversion rates, AOV and Revenue for the brands and a more engaging customer experience for the customers.
3 Key points mentioned by Eric:
Leverage AI to do more (in less time)

Create more personalised experiences to get more (Revenue & AOV)

If your looking to partner with them or others his advice is to cut to the chase and share the impact of your value prop (ROI).
Eric also shared a lot more valuable insights on the exciting features of Rebuy’s Smart cart, which was a real eye-opener for many of the attendees.
The second speaker was Luke Green, founder of Inspira Digital and Alvio.

Luke shared his experience building and scaling at first his agency Inspira, before introducing his second business Alvio, a B2B platform to connect business effortlessly and seamlessly.

Most notably, Luke shared a story of when he worked with Ben Francis of Gymshark in the early days, Where he received an email one day from Ben telling him They (Gymshark) will be moving to Magento, He tried to convince him not to, but ultimately Ben went ahead, and not long later the infamous Gymshark Black Friday Sale!

Missed it?
Well Here’s a quick recap of what happened…
In 2016, Gymshark, faced a major setback due to the limitations of their Magento e-commerce platform. During Black Friday, an influx of customers trying to make purchases on their website led to a devastating 8-hour outage that resulted in an estimated $143,000 in lost sales and negative impact on their reputation as a trusted retailer!

Customers took to social media to express their frustration and disappointment with the website's performance.
Of course, Luke being the gent he is did fight off the urge to say… I told you so.
Make mistakes. Make them early and learn quickly.

Hire people who share your vision.

Establish good communication

Processes, processes, processes.
4 Key points mentioned by LUke for people starting out:
Overall, it was a blinder of an event and we left feeling inspired with a lot of actionable takeaways. It was also great to network with other e-commerce professionals and learn more about Blend Commerce, Rebuy Engine, Inspira Digital, Alvio, as well as many other great agencies and tech partners. We would highly recommend the e-com collab club events in fact the next one is coming up very soon in London:
Lastly, a big thank you to Adam Pearce and Peter Gardner, who have truly done an excellent job of organising the events, bringing together a great group of people, and giving us a chance to learn from the experts. Looking forward to the next one… See you all there!
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