Triple Whale has just changed the game as we know it…

it’s not what you think.
By now we’re pretty sure you’ve come across Triple Whale (TW) but for those of you that havent, Triple Whale is a Smart Data Platform that can manage your store wide, cross channel analytics, attribution, and creative all in one place.

It’s quickly becoming a favourite amongst E-commerce owners and teams.

Now sure dashboards are nothing new.. but this is much more than a dashboard, as you know, there’s simply no perfect solution to attribution, but TW’s pixel is by far the best solution we have come across to date.

TW’s pixel helps settle attribution worries by providing more layers of validation to ensure we get as close to the truth as possible.

The pixel in itself is a big enough reason to get TW for your ecommerce brand. However, there are so many more reasons why in this day and age, TW is almost a must have!

Here’s a quick recap:

  • All-in-one dashboard
    The design of the dashboard is at an Apple level of design from a functionality, usability and aesthetic perspective. It’s simply beautiful and works like a charm.

    It's already set up with ecommerce businesses in mind, to show you all the important metrics across all functions of your business (marketing, finance, inventory, etc..) but then you can easily pin the most important metrics to your brand at a single click of a button.
  • Attribution you can trust
    ​​In-platform data is not reliable and CPMs have never been higher. Make better decisions with better data and discover your path to profitable growth with the Triple Pixel. One snippet of code is all that stands between you and real-time, omni-channel attribution data you can trust.
  • Get Clear on what creatives are working and why
    Creative testing is a cornerstone to your paid social success, so why settle for anything less than optimised creative reporting, simplified analysis, and valuable performance insights.
But you probably knew that… So What’s New? How has Triple Whale just changed the game?
Triple Whale has just announced LIGHTHOUSE - by leveraging AI, Lighthouse will be able to surface insights and deliver tactical recommendations in real time to make your store operate at the highest level of efficiency to ultimately become more profitable.
How? Here’s a few ways it does this…
How? Here’s a few ways it does this…
  • Automatic and Immediate Anomaly Detection
    It detects suspicious anomalies in spend, inventory, or order data. meaning you don’t have to rely on your team coming across them and your team doesn’t have to spend time tracking these, Instead can allocate that same time elsewhere to grow the brand further. By having anomalies autodetected, in real-time, whether it's working hours or the middle of the night, provides brand owners with the confidence that anomalies will be detected immediately, so that action can then be taken immediately to stop a leaky bucket or prevent an all-out disaster. It's also a HUGE weight off your team's shoulders, freeing their mind and allowing them to focus elsewhere.
  • AI Generated Audience Segmentation
    Identify valuable customer segments and audience types from your existing database, then use these segments to create personalised campaigns, across your emails and ads, honing in on messaging, increasing relevance and in turn revenue.
  • Automatic Ad Creative Generation
    AI creates winning Ads based on top performing assets and best selling products.
  • Automated Ad Management
    Set rules for both scaling up and down and let AI do the work for you, AI will then scale winners and bin losers in real time 24/7/365, not just during work hours. So you can experience the ultimate growth efficiency.
  • Data Stories
    Turn complex data into easily digestible stories that are clear and actionable, so nothing gets misunderstood and the team can focus on actioning right away.
  • Total Impact Reports
    Easily understand the relationship between marketing channels and how they work together, while also comparing channels to each other so you can make better decisions about where you allocate your marketing budget.
  • The Real-Time Feed of Activities.
    Lighthouse delivers play-by-play updates of sales and marketing activities across every platform you use to grow your business.

This is the future and the future is now… Well within the next month when Light House launches.

Join Triple Whale now to gain that competitive advantage and get:

1) The peace of mind to know that the ads you're running are the best for your business

2) The time to get out of ads manager and strategically think about bigger moves to propel your biz forward

Join Triple Whale here

Aj Orbach, Co-founder of TripleWhale figured the easiest way to show you the power of A LIGHTHOUSE is to walk you through a real-world example… And it’s brilliant!

see below

Aj Orbach, Co-founder of TripleWhale figured the easiest way to show you the power of A LIGHTHOUSE is to walk you through a real-world example… And it’s brilliant!

see below
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